celina mcmanus-tinney

celina mcmanus-tinney (she/they) is a poet, educator, gardener, abolitionist, and friend. she is of the first cohort to graduate from the Randolph College MFA. they are from the foothills of the Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee, and live in St. Paul, Minnesota where they teach English at Century College. when she isn’t chipping away at her manuscript, she spends her time in the dirt, the water, in rest, and in imaginative play as a poetry mentor for Society of Young Inklings and as a youth care worker at the Ain Dah Yung Center. they are the creator of artist space, porch swing, which is currently at its inception stages. at the woven rush intersection of their day-to-day, they reflect on adrienne maree brown’s observation that “all organizing is science fiction.” ask her questions or say hi at celinamcmanus@gmail.com.


“sixty-six trash odes” — petrichor, Web, forthcoming

ink” — Sinking City, Web

“on the road” and “elkmont”Cobra Milk, Web

“google, does the internet run under the ocean?” “dust dust dust” and “what good are wasps?”Trampoline Poetry, Web

on a rock in metcalf bottoms” — Peach Mag, Web, part of Peach Bites

dirt/glass” — “mending series” art installation as physical manifestation of poem “smile!” ArtReach St. Croix

“drink” and “brilliance”Ursus Americanus, Landfill, Web

she’s one of them” — WomenArts Quarterly Journal, Volume 9, Issue 2, Print

desire—survival— Rabid Oak, nominated for Best of the Net, Web

fish they bleed” — Hooligan Magazine, Issue 24, Web

waves upon a frozen pond” — Cosmographia‘s Book of Transcendent Poems, Print

lost art of critical thinking” — Z Publishing‘s Minnesota’s Best Emerging Poets, Print

children’s non-fiction literature

Influential People: Michael B. Jordan

Understanding Anxiety

Understanding OCD


Review of Reality In Bloom by Annette Covrigaru for Revolute


Finalist for the 2016 Loft Mentorship Program in Fiction

Best of the Net Nominee for “desire—survival” in Rabid Oak

SAFTA Residency (Sundress Publications) Summer 2021 Recipient


gallery of life events