Luna, lovely, light and large
elongated and luminous,
what’s your charge?
I’ll buy twenty sparkling rubies
and cut you in two
And eat a pizza pie as I travel to the moon.
I’m much too small and my limbs are coming l o o s e
like a nit in a comb,
I’m a baby being bourne.

And I’m only here to roam,

But where’s the noose?
God’s thumb is far too wide
and what a bumpy ride
You have fingers for toes
This ladder’s not very close.
Maybe in a day or two
I’ll fall asleep
and dream for two.
and the cradle can crawl
Tall Mountains.
For sake of finding crevices
On the lovely
Light and large

you are my moon.

*Based off of the painting “Ladder to the Moon” by Georgia O’ Keefe

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