Man of the Moon


A man who saw himself as common walked to and from work each day, or more would say that he paced. He carried with him a dark blue briefcase and each morning he would order a slice of plum cake with a cup of coffee on his way to work. He lived in a world not known by many. He wished he had friends – more than he could count, but his face was all he could account for. For it shown very bright and he always seemed jolly. If only everyone knew how lonely he was.

After coming back home from work, he would put down his briefcase and pick up a book. He would often read stories of fantasy and surrealism. In one story he read that a giant man conversed with small men and then fell down from his world and became small. There were ones with dragons or mythical mermaids that danced in the oceans. He always went to bed at night wishing he could be in of these stories. He wanted to belong to something, but not just anything. He wished to fight off three-headed dogs or have lunch with dwarfs. This world was too bland; he wanted to live somewhere massive and unseen from time.

One night, he woke up in his slumber and went to the restroom. When he walked back to his room, he noticed that the moon from his window was so enormously large that it filled the whole sky. He knew that he had to be dreaming and with this confidence he walked outside.

There he was, face to face with the moon and there so happened to be a face in it! It was a face of a very old man. There were wrinkles all over him and he yawned and began to speak to the moon.

“It’s your turn now, my boy.”

“Exactly, what do you mean ‘my turn,’ oh Man of the Moon?”

“Why, to be the new Man of the Moon! My time is growing short and I am very tired of maintaining my place up here. The stars told me to choose a successor. And that is you.”

The man was puzzled to say the least. He felt strange as the wind felt cold and frigid. He looked down and saw the moist dew beginning to moisten his feet and he felt this was all too real. It couldn’t be, though, because that is impossible. He had never had such a vivid dream before, so he decided to keep it going. This could be his biggest adventure; real or not.

“Alright then, I accept. I will be the Man of the Moon.”

The giant face grinned and he began to grow smaller and smaller and then as if he could actually hear the pop in the sky, the moon took upon its rightful size. The man smiled and started to walk back inside, satisfied with his dream and ready to wake up for another day at work. But, when he turned around there was nothing there. He felt a sinking feeling but then had this strange comfort of peace and knowledge that he would never drop. All around him was blackness, except for tiny sparkles here and there that looked like stars. He looked all around him and noticed that he was floating in this blackness. He tried to stretch out his arms but they weren’t there, and then before he could be afraid, he felt relieved.

“You’ll get used to it. And then, when you get used to it, you’ll never want to leave.”

He looked to his right and there was a tiny little speck of rock next to him who also had a face. This face was younger than the one he saw in the moon.

“I’m Star 123,398. Don’t worry trying to memorize it, it’s okay. But you see all of us? We’re all friends now! We’ll have a lot of time to get to know each other up here.”

The man started to realize what was happening and that it wasn’t a dream. He had never felt something more real in his whole life. Not only was this all real, but he couldn’t escape the peace he felt.

“We’re in space aren’t we?”

The star grinned. “Yes, we are. It’s grand!”

He heard a murmur of laughter and looked around at all his new friends. There were more than he could count. They all had such bright faces.

He was glad to be here though he couldn’t understand why, but he had so many questions.

“Why me? And what am I to do up here?”

The stars looked at him with sympathy. The one who responded before said, “You were made to be the moon. You belong here. And then, when your time is up, we’ll pick a new human that is unfitting for earth and bring him or her up here. As far as what to do? Look down.”

He looked down upon the earth and he couldn’t believe his eyes. He could watch every turn of a wave and see lights turned off for bed and those that were not. He watched humans feel angry and those who just felt shy. He controlled this. He felt power but he knew it was not his but given to him. He was granted the power to stop the ocean from washing away the earth just as humans were allowed the emotions they felt. He now saw that the world wasn’t bland after all, but the only way he could see this truth was from up here.

This was never a common man. For he was destined to light up the night sky.

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