jack and jill

I felt really angry and disturbed at gross humans so I wrote this:

Jack went up the hill,
but what for?
A pail of water,
or Jill’s brown hair?

He went to touch it and a pebble made him fall.
Jill followed and they tumbled into each others arms
and now they make love somewhere as grown humans – a mutant of a flashy society.
He watches blonde girls now because he’s bored of her brunette silk while she bathes in salts that smooth her flaky skin that someone somewhere said made her ugly and this becomes ritual, says the clock who’s frown and menace turns to middle age and that first tumble seemed so innocent then, but if only someone had stopped them.

Let’s remove the pebble and tell Jill to wait
while Jack races back up the hill to her.

Published by celinamcmanus

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