The Siren’s Song

There’s always been something that completely fascinates me about space. When I was little, I was going to be an astronaut. I wanted to pop out of the atmosphere so that I could float feather-like around the moon and look out into the blackness and allow my pupils to dilate in the nothingness of our galaxy. Sometimes I will still lie in bed and realize my body  is here and zoom out and out until I reach the outer depths of the Milky Way until my mind is spinning on the rings of Saturn. The moon calls to me in a special way. It does so in a way in which I feel that I am perpetually floating – as if on the sea, wading in white, dark waters where only the mind can see. I imagine myself free and exposed and everything feels weightless. I’ve felt weightlessness and it is beautiful. This mermaid-like existence isn’t just a childhood fantasy or wanting to be the little mermaid. It’s about adventure and seeking and collecting what this world offers in places people find useless and abandoned. It’s about freedom and beauty while connecting to other floating souls; dreaming of the magnificent world beyond me that seems so much better than my own. I am not a big fish in a little pond or a fish out of water, but a land-locked mermaid, guided by the moon. As the moon rocks the waves back and forth and controls the tide, my soul is soothed and my spirit can be. I jump through waves and dream of depths far beyond anything I could ever imagine and yet I know they are unreachable and that’s okay. Because our minds were meant to roam, but we can never know all there is to know let alone the things we want to know the most. All we can do is watch the moon sleep next to the stars and cast all our cares into the sea with the shell you flick back into the ocean. And as the creatures around us sing with their hearts content, so will I – my mermaid song; the one that plays throughout my being and combs through my hair and waters my eyes and cries in my sorrow. For a siren’s song is the saddest song you will ever hear because her heart is the one who feels the deepest. And as she puts you into a trance, just remember that there’s a whole other world behind those pale blue eyes and the music that chants around her isn’t just hers but belongs to the sea, the earth, the galaxy, and most importantly – beyond.



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