The Power of Smell

I used to hate the smell of candles burning because one time I burnt my tongue on dissolved sugar. One day in sixth grade science class my teacher told the class that caramel was purely liquefied sugar so when I got home that day I wanted to show my soon-to-be step-sisters. We huddled around a lit candle and I put sugar on a spoon. I let the sugar melt and was too eager to know what it tasted like. It burnt my tongue for days but the lingering smell from the candle is what I remember the most. As I grew up I taught myself to forget about this memory so that I could enjoy the scent of candles and the warmness that they bring. But even as I get out of my bath and blow out the two that live next to the tub, the smoke that hovers above the water still reminds me of that little apartment at my dad’s house and the bitter taste of caramel that still makes me avoid it today.

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