Walking in Vomit

In today’s society, wisdom is folly. It is foolish to be wise and not many people will want to hang out with you if you are. Being wise is arrogant.

I look at humans as sheep, or for a more modern and relevant example let’s talk about the people in Roller coaster Tycoon. If you’ve never played this game, here’s a snapshot of them, walking around aimlessly.

It was hard for me to find a perfect snapshot online of this experience, but you get the picture. When I used to play this game, I would watch them to see what they would do and it was hilarious. I would click on one of the people and see which ride they would go on and watch them walk down a sidewalk I made that leads to nowhere, watch them stare and turn around confused. I’d watch them get off the merry-go-round and say, “this ride is too intense,” and get on something like, Typhoon Mega Roller coaster 2000, and “LOVE IT *insert smiley face.*” The things they do make no sense sometimes, but what’s really funny is, we are just like them. Sometimes our choices are just as ridiculous, such as riding on a ride, throwing up twice, and immediately getting back on. After this guy throws up, people start throwing up even more and if you’ve ever played this game you know you have to keep checking the sidewalks and picking up your janitors to come clean it up before someone complains. Some of them don’t even acknowledge the barf though, they just robotically walk around it as though it weren’t even there. Here’s a lovely picture of this scenario:

The thing is, I don’t want to be this way. I don’t want to just be a wandering sheep, accepting how things are and our weaknesses and making choices that allow us to simply forget about the horrors of our world. I think we all recognize this inner feeling in some way but some people repress these thoughts easier than others and I’ve never learned how to shut off my brain. I know a lot of you feel deeply and don’t want to feel like this so you decide to get on the roller coaster again anyways. My brain will not let me get back on the roller coaster, or for that matter, even try it in the first place. And I think deep down we all hate our sheep-like existence, but life hurts too much. So instead, we walk around the throw up that’s been puked up by the last person coming off the ride, which may be smart, but withholding wisdom is not always the wisest choices. Sometimes, you can’t even stop your legs from stepping into the vomit. It is as if we are destined to walk in the vomit. I am destined to walk in vomit, and that is okay.

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