Music Man

This is an un-edited version of the children’s story I’m trying to publish:





Celina McManus


In a far off place, below the dancing stars in space, there lived a people far different than the human race.


Instead of apples and pies and all things yummy, they depended on music to fill their growling tummies.


Music, you ask? Oh, they had all kinds. Trumpets played through the day and flutes played through the night.


They held parades and parties and the clouds shouted with glee, as they played in each cloud their own special melody.


But one day something very strange occurred, that changed this symphony into soundless words.


A man named Jack craved a very special snack, and went hunting for a sweet tune near the sweet tune shack.


Down the sweet sounds street he paraded and then, at the shack he found a tree with something hanging from a limb.


Jack was lured by the sweet smell coming from the tree. There were rainbow-colored lollipops that he had never seen.


He snatched it from the tree and held onto the stick, and because it smelled so good he gave it a lick.


It tickled his taste buds and felt sweet on his tongue. It tasted so good so he started to run.


He ran and told the others and threw this snack around, and suddenly all was quiet and there was a new sound.


Not a clap, or a strum, or a fiddle, or a hum. The munching of teeth was heard, and the worst was yet to come.


Not a whistle, or a tweet, or shuffling of the feet, came from this small town because they now had food to eat.


What’s so wrong, you ask, of food? We eat it everyday! But, remember these fine creatures were not the human race.


This food they ate, was not good, no not at all. But no one cared, because it tasted good, and they let their music fall.


“It hurts my back,” cried the drummer, “and my arms are growing very sore.”


The vocalist squeaked, “I’m tired of singing and belting every score.”


The dancers fell limp and the guitarist’s dropped their picks, something new was here that was better than musical instruments.


Candy for Cameron and Bread for Bob. Give an apple to Angie; have some corn on the cob!


You may think, sure, they take a break? There’s no harm done. But eventually, our tuneful friends were growing very glum.


The skies turned darker and the streets felt damper and all the stomachs grumbled, for no music played so their little world felt weak and started to crumble.


When all felt lost and lonely and grey, a tiny beat was heard. From far away, a skinny man put music to his words,


“Fee fiddle dee

I’m just me

A man just like you

I bounce and sing

And hear bells ring

While the flowers bloom.”


No one understood what was going on as the man entered town. This banging of drums and all of this sound caused the crowd to frown.


We don’t need music!” the people rang out, “all we need is food. Get out of our town, stop stomping around. Go home – you are a fool!”


The music man stopped but felt sad and shed a single tear. “Don’t you see that you need music? This was my greatest fear!”


No one understood so they left with their food and spread word to stay away. They didn’t need music when they had the amusement of snacks that sent worries away.


The music man did not leave because he felt so much need for this world that forgot how to move their feet.


He walked on a road that lead to a shack, when all of a sudden he felt a tap on his back.


A boy was there with a face all aglow. Because the boy followed him, the music man felt hope.


The boy pointed to his bag and asked what was in it. “Why, my boy, these are musical instruments!”


The boy took a kit with a guitar in it and he began to strum. The music man was happy to finally have some fun.


What made you follow me?” the music man asked as the two of them sat and played in the grass.


You were happy,” he said, and that was all he spoke. Then, the boy instantly played a chord with one simple stroke.


The music man joined along and it was as if they were a band, they had so much joy that it sounded up the land.


The boy came back every day and told all his friends. Some decided to come and the others shook their heads.


People noticed the boy was happier than any they had ever seen. Instead of lazy, he moved; not old – he felt new! And the grass around him grew green.


He was mocked by many more than did not, this made him very sad so, one day, he stopped.


The music man was waiting and it became quite dark, so he set off and found the boy sitting at a park.


He sat alone on a bench with palms full of tears. “Don’t cry, my boy,” the music man said, “I’m right here.”


I feel alone.” That’s all he spoke, and the music man felt sad. He didn’t talk but simply put his arm around the lad.


He had an idea to call all his friends and bring a symphony, and in a few minutes the sound shook within them with beeps, drones, and beats.


Sue played the flute, Dan played the drums, and Tom the tambourine, and like one shining star was an electric guitar, but the man did one final thing.


As his friends marched toward him, the music man stood up.


“Not many will listen, but all will hear. Do not fear and never give up!”


The boy shed a grin and with that he began to play a simple tune. And just by their passion, the couple that was passing allowed the band to gain two.


In that small town, there is such a sound that one can still hear today. For those who’ve decided to put bad things behind them, it’s the most joyful song to be played.


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