Inspiration Poetry

Also! To help inspire me while writing my story, I read some poems out of Poetry magazine. After reading something about a girl who went on a date (or something like that, I don’t remember), I wrote this weird little poem. It helped me come up with that background story for Alden (I’m referencing the story – Teacher – that’s in the post before this). It was really cool to learn things about my character that I didn’t know yet. I don’t feel like it’s done yet, but I really liked this idea and I love how far I went with it in my class. I can’t wait to look at it later and see what I can do later when it’s sat awhile. Anyways, here’s that poem:

There’s nothin’ like a first kiss, on a tulip Wednesday noon, gettin’ down to the river just to your ankles, like ice, we’ll be heavy laden.

There’s nothin’ like that first time, falling swiftly in line just to the soft beat of nothing and yesterday was the only day of the week.

There’s something about that little stick that says there’s something growing in there now, that knocks you off your kicks, lying flat on the crusted carpet, like mama was gunna come pick you up.

There’s something about that first screech, coming out like a cow’s thump and you hold that screeching thing, wondering if it’ll ever stop.

There’s something about that boy, lookin’ at you like you’re Aphrodite and his daddy still on a limp from his third layoff as you watch girls on TV jump in pools with tight bikinis.

There’s something about that boy, now a man, walking to an alter saying “I do,” with you thinking, I’d like to take that bouquet and cut each bud off, one by one.

There’s something in the way that there’s nothing left now, so you sit back on your rocker and sigh, “Halleluiah, my time has come.”

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