Why Lou Reed Is Not My Jesus

First off, I want to mention that I hate publicly speaking about God, and I believe this post sort of touches on why.

Some fans want Harry Potter to be real so bad. Trust me, I get practically depressed watching the movies because I want to fall into a fantasy of wand-waving and magical feasts. But people do not consider the die-hards in fandoms to be lunatics, just passionate.

There are a lot of things about the Bible that are rarely talked about, and yes, this comes back to the responsibility of the Christians. One of those core things is that the Bible is a literary text. It is a story. This does not diminish it as fact, but simply for what it’s characteristics are.

Speaking of responsibility, I would like to talk about what it means to say you are a Christian. The whole “WWJD” craze, I believe, probably started with this whole idea but morphed into just another propaganda standpoint trying to sell all the souls over to Jesus through the the means of a stylish bracelet.

Do you realize when you call yourself a Christian, that you are literally accepting the responsibility of the meaning of the death of Jesus as truth in your own personal ideology? We carry around eternity in our hearts and as Christians, we claim his death.

New subject: in my Writing Theory and Ethics class, we are talking about language in the way it’s used and abused and how rhetoric formed from the times of the Greeks, Aristotle, Plato, and so forth. This goes back to the same idea. We don’t realize what we say (or do) as human beings, most of the time.

And when we say we have faith, we should stand by that.

Let me define faith for you: “strong belief in God or in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof.”

RATHER THAN PROOF. When Jesus gave us story in the parables, he didn’t want to give us straight hard-and-fast proof. He didn’t want to create blind and dazed followers — he wanted those who really wanted him.

Speaking of Jesus, let me talk about him as a character.

Many fall in love with characters in a story, so why is it weird that I fall in love with something that has released so much anxiety, has gave me confidence as a human being, and caused me to see the world as a beautiful work of art? Feeling the Holy Spirit is just as difficult but even more strong than a love from parent to child, and yet we never tell a mom to shut up talking about her kid.

Oh yes, it’s because a good number of Christians don’t live this freely. But, in fact, his first miracle was a celebration. It did involve alcohol consumption. Woah, Jesus, calm down.

Sometimes I think I’ve read a different book than others. But the thing is, I believe a lot haven’t read the Bible like a book at all.

I began to see Jesus as who he is, a real character in a real story (whether you believe it to be truth or not) when I sat down and read The Book of Luke all the way through, in ONE sitting. This was powerful and eye-opening. And this time the protagonist had no flaw and he loved people though they literally killed them. That’s a pretty cool character to me. Who wouldn’t want to be like him and try as humanly possible to love people like that?

I was at a Halloween party last year and a guy said he was dressed as Lou Reed. I said, “I love Lou Reed!” and he said, “Lou Reed is my Jesus!” I wasn’t sure how to respond (because I’m slightly awkward), so I just smiled and nodded. He then asked me, “Well who’s your Jesus?” I was kind of taken aback, and since I’m constantly trying to avoid the usual “holier than thou” response, I hesitated. But I couldn’t lie, so I said, “Jesus.” He, then, was taken aback.

I have no idea who this guy is, and he probably didn’t take much from that, but I did. Not because his “Jesus” was Lou Reed. That’s not strange because people are passionate about those they love, and that’s acceptable. I agree, too. Being passionate about what you love is great. But me being passionate about Jesus is cliche or close-minded; therefore, I’ve often been reluctant to express my love for the AMAZING metaphors, lovely language, and the incredible story of Jesus. It’s actually so, so cool. Just like J. K. Rowling, God predicted the prophecy. It all comes full-circle. I often read something in the Bible every time and say, “yes, this is so relevant!” and it’s 2,000 years later!

The Bible is a work of literary genius.

So, though many other Christians are seemingly pretentious, wrong, ignorant, and close-minded, and though I’ve often been embarrassed or straight up tired of being clumped with them, they are also human.

I am not suggesting I am all on my own in this. I am not some great human that’s better than everyone else. Saying I’m better than other Christians is just as bad as Christians thinking they’re better than everyone else. A lot of Christians are like me, but I believe a lot are afraid to speak up about it, and frankly, a lot of them are surrounded by other Christians, and we usually are who we’re with. It’s just become a vicious cycle.

I think the Bible is cool, and I’m frankly tired of being embarrassed about my passion.

So, I am genuinely sorry about everyone else, but I am me, and Jesus is not his followers, but he decides to love them anyways, which, you have to admit, is pretty cool.

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