We Are Made of Stars 

Imitation of “A Language of Hemophilia”


The hummingbird’s heart beats at 250 breaths per minute
and I am her hollowed wings.

Her blue-throated glory cries for justice as

blood sits clotted
on a limb like
a lollipop.

‘The highest metabolism
of any homeothermic animal’

swings to the left and falls into the palms of a three-year old child.




all from


way back when



We are all celestial beings and the hummingbird is an angel sent to scurry. She dies into a cosmic karma we call car door.

She is a workaholic ‘phenomena that originates outside the
atmosphere of Earth’

and then into zero gravity she zooms toward an oblivion full of black tar night.


Blood sits clotted on a limb like a lollipop and

she and I
are both

reduced to
hollowed wings.

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