Myster Sea

Mr. Sand Man gives dreams, and children sing themselves to sleep right before the music of the blood in their ears starts to play. And this blood reminds them of the thing that keeps them breathing, the mush of goo that tells them they’re not good enough. 

Myster Sea is frightening like the first peel of thunder, but good because of all that rain. With it, we get tomatoes and the colors of summer. He rises in the sky and holds the whole world in his hands and gives children mustard seeds for Christmas. I’m going to fall into the dark black sinkhole that the kid made from shoveling too hard on Anastasia Island. I’ll fall and sleep and listen to the slushy sound of real waves, and right before I go, the blood in my ears turns to waves just in time to swallow me alive.

Published by celinamcmanus

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