More than Augustus Waters

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I create gloriously normal characters because I’m deeply afraid of oblivion. I’m more terrified of it than Augustus Waters, maybe, but who can really say. Maybe I just feel like he was stronger than me. It’s cliche to say “how can there be so many people, and yet I want so desperately to publish stories, have my name be remembered because I feel like I have something important to say?”  And I’m not even the best, nor am I the smartest. So that’s why I write about the kid who works at Taco Bell and the mom bank teller with an anger problem. I don’t know how to write anything else. Actually, maybe I feel like they’re the ones that should be heard. It’s more likely that I’m so aware that they aren’t being heard that I write about them anyways.

This is more for me than it is for you. But maybe you also feel the same way? So I am sharing it.

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