Modern America

We’re used to having it easy. I don’t even like that I have to get real lemons and limes to get the good stuff, nutrition and reduced inflammation. I bought the plastic fruit-shaped acidic replicas for only a dollar each, and the tag says “from concentrate.” These replicas lasted me tree months — me squeezing the lemon and lime juice in my water making me used to the hint of tarty sun and making regular water from then on bland. But I did this because an article titled something like “9 cool things about lemons” that lemons are good for you in a lot of ways I can’t remember. I started putting lemon and lime juice in my water the same year my Papaw, my grandpa who was like my daddy, passed away from heart failure at the young age of seventy. Standing in front of the lemons, limes, and plastic replicas full of concentrated juice, I looked up on my iPhone if concentrated juice is just as good for you as buying real lemons and limes. I usually find what I’m looking for on Google in the little blurbs underneath the titles, and it looks like the concentrated kind is not good. Just like the little bird on the Naked juice bottles implies with his bawk, “Not from concentrate!” you need the real deal. But the real deal is a hassle. You have to cut the palm-shaped fruits. You have to squeeze the life out of them, and sometimes little chunks of yellow and green muscles fall into the water, which if the water bottle is sitting in a refrigerator for a while, the little chunks will not taste good when you gulp it. And then as I squeeze between my finger and my thumb a lime into my water, I remember how today I complained that I had to drink hot green tea the past two days instead of iced hazelnut lattes, even though I love tea, because I’ve been sick,  and I focus on how I’m actually frustrated I can’t have the juice naturally squeezed out for me, shooting into my water like from a little pee hole, and I start to appreciate the half of a lime that’s about to be put into a Ziploc bag for my next glass of water.

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