Well It’s Too Late for Me

I crave all the things I can’t have, and I don’t how to live the regular life of sleep and eat, so I’m always craving coffee at midnight or anytime. I pulled barbecue off a spine, but it didn’t bite back. It couldn’t. It was put away for a good tangy purpose, like we all say we do for ourselves. This isn’t politically correct, I’m sure. I need to watch my mouth while I chew. If you look to close, you’ll see too far and then it’ll be too late, I’ll already have sucked you in next to my slimy guts. If this isn’t what you crave, you’ll be better off. Congratulations, sincerely so, for building yourself a great big, working motor boat to skim through these thick waters of commonality.

Published by celinamcmanus

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