Mr. and Mrs. Tiger Jack Street

When I moved to Minnesota for school, I had to take the bus all the time to visit my boyfriend in St. Paul, and it took an hour, and so I memorized every little detail of the route. I noticed one road called Mr. and Mrs. Tiger Jack Street, and I always thought it kind of sounded like a children’s book title. 
A year later, I was driving late at night, and when I passed this road, and I got a story idea. So as I was driving, I made a voice recording of the idea and as soon as I got home, I wrote the rest of it. It seemed to come out of nowhere, and the subject matter wasn’t anything I had planned to do prior. 

The story is about a rabbit and tiger who loved each other very much and lived on a street where no one understood how a tiger and rabbit could. They both do different things, but they do similar things, too. One day someone who didn’t understand them destroyed the rabbits garden and smashed their home. But instead of leaving, they stayed, and luckily they had people who loved them and rebuilt their house for them. The theme of the story is that some will be hateful, but there are many who will be with you and you should keep being who you are. 
After I wrote it, I realized it was about tolerance (more about love than that vague word), and I thought maybe it could be about race or homosexuality or something else even according to what it means to the person reading it. Well, I was excited about it but it went away because graduation was nearing and life happened. Earlier this week, I started to think about it a lot more and I thought, I should try to do something about it. Then, I read about the South Carolina shooting. After hearing about this, I knew I needed to pursue this story. Then I looked up the street, and I saw this:

Watching the video of Tiger Jack, I cried.

I believe this is no coincidence. I believe this story must be told. 

I share this because I need to be kept accountable in this pursuit. Life is busy, and publishing is hard, but I know that there’s something happening here, and even if it doesn’t get far, we all know keeping silent isn’t going to help things. 

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