1. of or arousing gratification of the senses and physical, especially sexual, pleasure.
    “the production of the ballet is sensual and passionate”
    antonyms: spiritual, passionless
Sensual actually just means “of the senses,” so that was what I was looking up due to this quote I came up with, actually while reading for historical theology. It goes along with my mermaid tattoo because almost every time I am either at church or reading, I come up with more reasons about how great my mermaid tattoo is for me! This is the quote:
Spirituality is mysterious and mystical–it is two things in one: concealed and revealed, beautiful and frightening, here and not here.
P.s. I hate that I don’t know how to em-dash on a keyboard. ANYWAYS.
I was thinking about how the idea of the mermaid tattoo came to me also when I wrote about being in both the spiritual world and the physical world. I wanted to use a play on words using the word “sensual,” and interestingly enough, the antonym for sensual, according to Google, is spirituality. But of course it is. Senses and the spiritual are opposites. But what’s wonderful about my discovery and my growing faith is learning that they don’t have to be and how a lot of what has been termed as truth can be questioned. I believe life is a balance, in all things (I am Libra! which is funny). What if we dared to say that the world is actually beautiful and not full of despair as people of faith? I can’t really fathom how miserable those people must be, and I wish them luck finding their way out, I truly do.
Again, I’ll say I used to not say my opinion on anything or even tell things from my own story. Everything changed during a chapel service at my school when a black woman shared her story, and people said hateful things. The next day she said that we have believed in the “No Talk” lie: if someone talks about the problem, they are the problem. I believed this lie. And as a writer, I have the responsibility to talk away but with humility and love always.
P.s.s. This has nothing to do with what today is, though I am all about equality in love, it’s just a sort-of-coincidence.

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