11908263_10154112976733448_1785288129_nand only moon milk can heal our wounds.

the winter broke its jaw like a wild Indian racing horseback in a Nevada sandstorm —-

this means six more weeks of it frigid inside and out. So, we’ll travel down South like the triangular patterns of geese, but we’ll find there that aliens have invaded Moonshine Country. They find all their solace in the stars just like lost travel-men. The Savior of the World was found because the past sparkled like a diamond in the sky — time traveling bursts of gas that knew the patterns in our land before humanity branded it with abstractions like expansion.

Why would the Savior be a boy with pimples on his face? The same way a bleating animal clears the path for us to walk on. We’re all invaders in someone else’s land. The kudzu is innocent, and so are you. Pray for the weak at heart and those who see ugliness in four-legged form.

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