YA Noveling Part One.

Inspiration can come from anywhere, even the lamp you stare into while writing and puts rings in the air like the sun does. It’s definitely true that you must read in your genre when writing to help with that genre you are writing (I have great syntax, don’t I? I’m just going to use that as my quirk). But I’m also a believer in reading from many different genres. To help myself (mainly), I will be posting the novels, poems, essays, song lyrics, package wrappers, that inspire me. This will help me to remember and to archive these sparks of experiences, and then when I become rich and famous, all my endearing fans can go back and read this and also be inspired (ha!).

This is what I remember for now. I am writing a YA novel, and there are many, many themes I am working toward. I am including my senior capstone poems into the novel (for now, things could change dramatically), so the inspiration from there is listed here, also.

life-on-mars eleanorandparkstrangers to ourselvesspeakWinesburgdandelion_book_coverlike watersf87sassafras

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