YA Noveling Part Two

Coincidences happen too often not to believe they’re real. I had de ja vu reading a line in Just Kids, Patti Smith’s first book, and I finished it with so many buzzing  thoughts.

I started my YA Novel this past fall, and it branched from my poetry Capstone project in spring. It came together, piece by piece, and the themes began to evolve into a mixture of poetry, rock n roll, and friendship. Maybe this happened subconsciously along with me reading the book, but many of these themes birthed before I even began reading. How is it that this book, which has the exact same themes, would be what I needed at that specific time?

I loved how freely Patti talks about God. It inspires me to speak freely about my love of the Creator, the Spirit behind everything I do and everything I feel connected to. I don’t believe in coincidences, and each day I get more excited about everything spewing from my brain and where I am allowing these words and ideas to take me.

I also found the picture of me I was looking for, the one from New York. It was just in a scrapbook that juts out from my bookcase. It was right there, staring me down. It felt holistic, and right, though right now so many ideas are fluttering inside me, fueled by too much espresso. I am excited, though.

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