Thoughts Are Supposed To Be Italic

195 days ago

God save the dirt roads that lead to nowhere, the lines in your eyes when you stare into the light, and the ice cubes left at the bottom of a drink. They remind us of times we forgot to remember, but the remembering is sometimes the best part. The aftertaste of 

3 days ago

I have dreams about Papaw, and he’s always dancing. He holds me, smiles bigger than I’d seen him do in a long time, and I wonder if that’s cause he’s doing that right now.

This week, End of February 2016, no Twitter

Freaks and Geeks episode 17 may explain my political stance more than any article I could ever share.

I think someone is making an ice gravestone off Victoria. I saw him the other day, and he stood behind it, a tarp was over it, and it was as if he waited to reveal to the cars that never stop, because if they did, he’d have to watch someone die, but maybe that’s what he’s waiting for.

I’ve looked at that plaque with McCarthy’s quote, right in front of the stage, to the right of Subway, my whole life, and still I’ve never noticed, that is until I left for good. 

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