Happiest Time On Earth

Some quotes about childhood that I like:

“Children seem to think every pleasant thing has to be a surprise.” – Gilead, Marilynne Robinson

“We are instinctive but deeply flawed risk assessors.” – I’m OK (tbp), Jarrod Green about children’s resilience and the importance of playing rough

“Our greatest natural resource is the minds of our children.” – Walt Disney


I’ve had the same page from a magazine about Maurice Sendak and Spike Lee for almost six years. I’ve transferred it with me from home to home, place to place, and I even had it framed once. Its one of my favorite quotes, especially since around this time, I learned how much this quote related to me. That’s when I decided to get Be Still, inspired by one of my closest friends. Read Where the Wild Things Are, watch the movie, read Wild Things by Dave Eggers. About four years or so later, my first semester in Minnesota, I found the C.S. Lewis quote. I wrote it out, painted it with watercolor, and hung both of them as reminders. I still need them today, and I’m happy to be pursuing the ideas in all of these, the best way I know how for now.


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