Slushies and Glass



  ice bitches.

But really…

The mitochondria created the Big Bang, and they didn’t even mean to. 

Don’t eat the yellow snow. You’ll cut your feet on it, and when you bleed, the ground will be black, and it will take too long to watch your body drift away through birch and grain, and I’m sorry, I’m sooooorry I smiled at your dog instead of you, but I only have a small amount of time here. Don’t eat the yellow snow.

Well, they didn’t really create it, but they were the ones who started the first fires, besides the core of the earth, but that doesn’t exist. Our bones began to grow marrow, and one day, we decided the sex organs of plants helped sex somehow for the ones with the thumbs.

If you remember anything about this land you graze on, just don’t ever forget not to eat the yellow snow.

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