if patience is a virtue, I am not good 

I’m reading the poem out loud,

to really put it up there,

and I always look at the top spine, checking how

far I am into it.

He asks,

“What’s the rush?”
I say,

“Life is short.”

There’s too much to consume, and maybe this is

what people are talking about when they say


Let’s cut us in half, there are

no creatives 


We are all artists in a square frame

of no space,

just rectangle sources of life

that buzz.

I’m thinking of it now,

and when I look at the moon.

He says I won’t care when I’m thirty.

That’s at least what he heard from the

lead singer of AJJ.

What won’t I care about?


But by then, there will be more

grown-up babies, more art,

more music,

more to consume.

And I’ll still be stuck 

changing the litter box.

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