house plant

you must be free, but you must not be passionate

you must share only you’re broken daydreams—you’re proud pursuits will tear down the distraught citizens, namely, all of us

to be of this generation, you must speak loudly with only a whisper as Elijah but not as bare-nothing David, dancing

you must be willing to believe in the improbable, except that of your Godforsaken faith

you must love your neighbor, but never speak of that text, for the humans who have desecrated it are the sole bearers of what we seek in meaning

to be an artist, you should say little with more and never let your insecurities show, let them only be a metaphor

you must care, you must, but just enough so that its not awkward

enjoy the fruits, but care little for where it came from, because as I recall, I told you that sight is our greatest and holiest power

love only what’s good, but find only the monetary in rolling hills and moving waters

here is a house plant—enjoy your wet winters and the forgotten sun

Published by celinamcmanus

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