house plant

you must be free, but you must not be passionate you must share only you're broken daydreams—you're proud pursuits will tear down the distraught citizens, namely, all of us to be of this generation, you must speak loudly with only a whisper as Elijah but not as bare-nothing David, dancing you must be willing to [...]

no thirst in the well of the reverent

When a lake's edge catches fire, you put it out; when a field does, you wait for rain. The way water works itself into the world of living things forces itself into the highest position of power.   His wooden stick, a prayer, or maybe a staff given by Moses himself, brought thirst away from [...]


tug and tug         and tug for more, rusty arms, bloody sores. Calloused thumbs, clogged hearts. A beautiful site to see. torn limbs,  blistered feet.  hollow eyes, devil seas. Elbow grease for a sculptured furrow, stretch marks of divine bone marrow. Beauty, sorrow, offering—it's all the same to me.

the lost art of critical thinking

It came from the fear of abyss, the excess of hoards, toadstools of desolate tyranny, choking— the comments, scrolling, we ingest the arsenic, pain-killers of reversal, fiddling with twigs of fire—the sweltering squeal of life. We belong to the sparrows, and they to us. The lilies, our sisters, and yet, we are so fearful of [...]