“I’ve come from the lacing patterns of leaves, I do not know where else I belong.” — “Ancestors” by Ada Limón


“sixty-six trash odes” — petrichor, Web, forthcoming

ink” — Sinking City, Web

“on the road” and “elkmont”Cobra Milk, Web

“google, does the internet run under the ocean?” “dust dust dust” and “what good are wasps?”Trampoline Poetry, Web

on a rock in metcalf bottoms” — Peach Mag, Web, part of Peach Bites

dirt/glass” — “mending series” art installation as physical manifestation of poem “smile!” ArtReach St. Croix

“drink” and “brilliance”Ursus Americanus, Landfill, Web

she’s one of them” — WomenArts Quarterly Journal, Volume 9, Issue 2, Print

desire—survival— Rabid Oak, nominated for Best of the Net, Web

fish they bleed” — Hooligan Magazine, Issue 24, Web

waves upon a frozen pond” — Cosmographia‘s Book of Transcendent Poems, Print

lost art of critical thinking” — Z Publishing‘s Minnesota’s Best Emerging Poets, Print

Children’s Literature (Nonfiction)

Influential People: Michael B. Jordan

Understanding Anxiety

Understanding OCD

Interviews & Reviews

Review of Reality In Bloom by Annette Covrigaru for Revolute

Awards & Nominations

Finalist for the 2016 Loft Mentorship Program in Fiction

Best of the Net Nominee for “desire—survival” in Rabid Oak

SAFTA Residency (Sundress Publications) Summer 2021 Recipient

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