the porch swing collective


Inspired by ideas of collective care and emergent strategies by adrienne maree brown, this is a collective that breaks free of capitalistic notions of belonging and finds freedom in interdependence. Exercises include adaptable play and exploration in multi-modality which includes and is not limited to writing paired with altar-building, sketching, dance, meditation, sculpting, video/sound/found poems, and so on. All earthlings (all ages, genders, abilities, identities, skill levels) are welcome. Exercises are still dedicated to craft, exploration, and in rigorous imagination.

We begin in Google Meet and expand from there. Fractal in our Earth-groundings, I encourage folks to engage locally and recognize the land in our individual and collective spaces.


The porch swing is movement, motion, and carries us. It holds piles of us or just a few. Even when there’s one, they are still collective: outside, waiting to wave to a neighbor—robin or person. We are grounded in nature, in the liquid of connection. Sometimes we are a trickle, a stream, or a river.

While I try to steer clear of narrow good vs bad, xenophobic/racist/sexist/homophobic/hateful behavior will not be tolerated. While one cannot ensure a completely safe space, I will do my best to keep us in the light.


Meet-ups are casual, all-welcome, writing windows of about one hour.

Please fill out the short Google form on the right hand column. In this form, you can express what you desire from this collective. Whether you are spread thin and want something to dip your toes into or you are looking to dive deep, there is room for all engagement styles.

Every Saturday at 10 AM PST/11 AM MT/12 PM CT/1 PM EST

Click here to join the Google Meet!

Google Form

If you’d like more accountability and engagement, please click on the Google Form above, and I will connect you with the GroupMe account and/or email chain.



porch swing illustration by Gabriela Jazmin Caloca. Find her art on Instagram @gjcpaint

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